BHAAAS Young Professional Division

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Advancement and development of arts and sciences in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Diaspora in the United States and Canada. The Academy aims to provide connections between Bosnian-Herzegovinian scientists, artists and professionals in North America and build bridges of cooperation with our homeland.

The Academy will promote the spirit of intellectual diversity and free exchange of ideas among the Diaspora in the belief that knowledge is shareable wealth.


Members who are in the post-doctorate process and/or early in their careers, who are interested in the work of the Academy.
Arbitrary cut off age of 40


- To provide young professional members an opportunity to become more active in the work of the academy and its members.
- Networking:

1. Between young professionals

2. Between young professionals and members who have an established and successful place in their career

-  Mentoring Opportunities
Utilization of the wealth and breadth of knowledge provided by the academy’s members


1. Networking database
2. Encouragement of the exchange of ideas and brainstorming between members (chat rooms, blogs, twitter, etc.)
3. Mentorship Opportunities (Individual, Program Fellowships, Scholarships, etc.)

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